World War 1 was a Conspiracy to Bring Down Germany and Enfold the US in a Global Culling?


The WWI Conspiracy

 • 11/19/2018

…The official story of the origins of World War I, is familiar enough by now.

But this official history leaves out so much of the real story about the build up to war that it amounts to a lie. But it does get one thing right: The First World War was the result of a conspiracy.

To understand this conspiracy we must turn to a chilly drawing room in London in the winter of 1891. There, three of the most important men of the age are taking the first concrete steps toward forming a secret society that they have been discussing among themselves for years.

The group that springs from this meeting will go on to leverage the wealth and power of its members to shape the course of history and, 23 years later, will drive the world into the first truly global war.

Their plan reads like outlandish historical fiction. They will form a secret organization dedicated to the “extension of British rule throughout the world” and “the ultimate recovery of the United States of America as an integral part of a British Empire.”

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