Wifi and Cell Phone Radiation Have Negative Health Effects: Studies on Wifi’s Effects on Fertility

Today’s innovative, must-have products often turn into tomorrow’s banned materials. Remember how asbestos was once a miracle mineral? Teflon? Lead paint? Radium watch dials? Margarine? That’s where wifi and cellphone radiation are heading.

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A Study Showing Mounting Evidence of Harmful Effects Of WiFi Router Electromagnetic Waves on Sperm to Be Presented at ASPIRE 2019 Congress

HONG KONG – A new study has provided further evidence that electromagnetic waves from WiFi devices can have a detrimental effect on human sperm.
The outcome adds weight to concerns that the explosive spread of mobile telephones and other devices relying on WiFi connection may be contributing to declining fertility rates in developed countries.

The Japanese study, believed to be the first to trial a WiFi shield to help protect sperm from the effects of electromagnetic waves, will be reported at the Asia Pacific Initiative on Reproduction (ASPIRE 2019) Congress in Hong Kong this week.Researcher Kumiko Nakata, Head of the Research Division, *Reproductive Medicine Research Centre, Yamashita Shonan Yume Clinic, said 51 male patients at the clinic participated in the study from August to November 2018.

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Study: Effects of electromagnetic waves emitted from 3G+wi-fi modems on human semen analysis.

2017 Oct 25

CONCLUSIONS: Electromagnetic waves (EMWs) emitted from 3G+wi-fi modems cause a significant decrease in sperm motility and velocity, especially in non-progressive motile sperms. Other parameters of semen analysis did not change significantly.EMWs, which are used in communications worldwide, are a suspected cause of male infertility. Many studies evaluated the effects of cell phones and wi-fi on fertility. To our knowledge, no study has yet been done to show the effects of EMWs emitted from 3G+wi-fi modems on fertility.Our study revealed a significant decrease in the quality of human semen after exposure to EMWs emitted from 3G+wi-fi modems.

Read More: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/28967061