Why Are Things So Hard Out There? Stealth Devaluation Since 2008

Since the 2008 financial crisis the cumulative rate of inflation was 19%.

Something that cost $100 back then, costs $120 bucks now.

If you had $100 in the bank in the last ten years, it’s purchasing power is now $84.

$1000 in a savings account since ’08?
It’s value is $840 dollars today.

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Why is this happening?

The FED creates money by lending to banks. The banks can borrow all they want at nearly 0% interest. The banks use the free money to lend to large corporations that buy their own stock to keep the stock to keep their stock prices up. This keeps the market looking good.

But when the market is starting to look bad because the banks and companies aren’t getting the pumping results they need, the FED steps in and starts buying stocks themselves with newly created dollars. (QE)

The more dollars get created the more they lose their value. That shell game is what is costing you the value of your work and undermining your collected wealth.

FED dollar value Inflation rate 1913 to 2019

This is what the FED’s inflation targets have done to the value of our money since 1913.
If you want to know why things are hard for so many, look at how they have undercut the value of our work and stolen our wealth through this “stealth” hyperinflation.