Was the Rise of Trump Just More MK Ultra Trauma-Based Programming?

Mind control is much more simple than people imagine.


How Real Mind Control Works

Brandon Smith 31 July 2019

Governments and the elitists behind them do not necessarily need to physically cage, drug and brutalize people in order to influence how they behave. All they need to do is manage their perceptions, expectation and assumptions. This can be accomplished with large portions of the public, rather than one person at a time.

The elites have always been fascinated with the idea of mass hypnotism. In the 18th century Franz Mesmer was famous for entertaining European royalty with displays of what he called “animal magnetism”, which included what we now know as hypnosis of individuals and groups. Mesmerism has since become synonymous with the attempt to befuddle people and dictate their actions while in a kind of trance. Hypnotism is still a very active subject in psychiatric circles and the US government took avid interest in hypnotism as a weapon during their MK Ultra experiments in the 1950’s.

Our current society is much like low level trauma based mind control. It only gets worse by the months and days as the regular person is squeezed by economics and ideologies.
Narcopaths are well known for creating confusion around them in order to gain control of the people in their lives or the people in a room. They are also known for being willing to build up certain routines and acclimating people around them to a particular environment, only to suddenly disrupt it all as a means to stun their victims and create subservience. It is important to realize that these people do NOT necessarily care about stability. In fact, they often will actively sabotage stability to obtain something they care about more – control.
Ever wonder if Trump is a plant and who put him there?
What purpose does he serve? Is he there to manage the collapse and lead us to war, or keep us out of war. It seems clear, that if he wins reelection he will be serving over the federal default, and devaluation of the dollar. In effect, our national bankruptcy.

Think about his resume for this role. Famous, popular, reality TV star. Famous for successful bankruptcies.
Think about his connections that brought him here. The usual suspects… The Elite tribe. The mob.Think of how convenient it was that he was given the equivalent of 2 billion dollars in free press during the election.We shouldn’t be surprised he was the winner. It was like it was set up this way.
Is this how they manage to mesmerize us all? Just when most of the population couldn’t care less about politics, Donald Trump unexpectedly wins.
Now thanks to the mainstream media and Silicon Valley half of the population has been whipped into a frothing frenzy while the other half was whipped into a patriotic fervor.
The strategies that individual narcopaths exhibit on a small scale are simply magnified thousands of times when we talk about the behaviors of the global elitists. People who consider themselves rational are hard pressed to comprehend this kind of behavior, but there is a devious tactical logic to it. Mind control of others can be achieved by keeping those people infinitely off-balance. Conjuring moments of tenuous peace, and then striking with cycles of unpredictable crisis. Before we know it, many years of instability have gone by and the organized narcopaths in power have gained even more control. We wonder where all that time went, and why we were not able to change things? It is because we have been hypnotized into inaction, or the wrong actions in the name of meaningless political stagecraft.

 Now that so many people have been pushed onto the Trump train what are we barreling toward if he wins the next election with massive support?

We know the real economy can’t get any better and eventually they won’t be able to cover it up.

Usually the elites take us into a contrived war to cover for their purposeful mismanagement of the economy. Is this what Donald Trump will do, since he might be the only politician that could inspire war weary Americans to enlist again?

Real mind control and mass hypnosis requires, as already mentioned, our consent, but it is consent that is conned out of us. It is conned out of us by fake leaders with intentions and actions that do not match their promises. It is conned out of us by a system that breeds conformity of thought and tells us that those who think outside the widely accepted norm are aberrant and “crazy”. It is conned out of us by our own weaknesses – our desire to go along to get along, our fear of confronting the crowd and telling them they are wrong, our fear of losing what we think is stability, or our fear of being on our own.

Real mind control is not about torture and force, it is about quietly induced acceptance. We can remove our consent from the hypnotists anytime we wish, but we have to be willing to stop ignoring certain realities. We have to be willing to feel the pain that comes when we recognize we have been conned and controlled in the past, and we have to revel in our ability to refuse to conform. It must become a part of who we are – the people who do not take what we are told at face value. The people that question almost everything. The people who cannot be mesmerized.