Reparations: The Latest Pandering by Politicians Desperate to be Noticed by the Free Stuff Army

Why are we supposed to pay reparations? Not for slavery(?), since no one  alive was a slave or even knew someone who was a slave.

Slavery was the norm throughout human history up until the 1700 and 1800’s, when the British empire started outlawing it and starved the slave trade around the world.

All of the human race is descended from liberated slaves.

Should whites get preparations from Turks and Arabs that were trading white slaves up until 1908? Is the Federal government also going to pay reparations for the discrimination Irish immigrants suffered during the 18-early 1900’s? 

It made sense when the Federal government paid the victims of Japanese internment during WW2, so maybe the best case for reparations is to pay direct victims of the 1960-70’s systematic Federal discrimination, who are still alive and can prove discrimination. 

Otherwise this is just plain pandering in a crowded Democratic field where each candidate is trying to out-virtue signal the others with free stuff for votes. A race to the bottom that ends in socialist government control over people’s lives. 
Any country that institutionalizes race based policy is going in the wrong direction by creating classes of citizen based on discrimination. 

It creates a lower class of welfare-dependent people and creates separation and division in society based on false grievances against people who had nothing to do with those grievances. It’s just so funny how naive and childish these ideas are. Who believes that a country that’s 100+ Trillion in debt (including liabilities) can just cough up another couple trillion a year to pay for historic grievances? Then we’ll throw on another 10 trillion in ten years for free healthcare. How about free college for all? Never mind that the inflation always rises when taxpayers are involved like the price of college, housing, defense, and healthcare.

All Democrats do is treat people like victims to get their votes, instead of helping them be independent self-reliant people in healthy communities. Look at the Democratic cities of Baltimore, Chicago, DC, Detroit… etc etc. and tell me how Democrats and welfare have helped black communities. I know that to really help people you have to give them the tools and let them help themselves. Welfare just keeps people dependent like foreign aid. 

Reparations: Who Should Pay?

By Tom Trinko June 15, 2018

In their never-ending effort to Balkanize America and buy black votes by stealing from all taxpayers, including black ones, the Democrats are reviving their call for reparations for slavery.  After all, with blacks waking up to the fact that Democrats are doing nothing for them, a new bribe appears to be necessary.

Given that there are no living Americans who were slaves or who owned slaves, it’s clear that the idea of reparations has nothing to do with justice or concern for blacks; it’s just another political effort to bribe voters with other people’s money – just like Paul Ryan trying to ensure the unending flow of Koch brothers money into Republican coffers by bringing in lots of cheap foreign labor.

But let’s for a moment pretend that the whole idea of reparations for blacks, but not all the other groups who’ve been discriminated against, like, say, the Irish, makes sense.

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Reparations For Slavery Are Unworkable – And Unjust

Jeff Jacoby  Posted: Apr 02, 2019

REPARATIONS FOR American slavery are a misbegotten idea, unworkable and unjust, but every now and then they come back into vogue as a political talking point.

In 1969, the radical civil rights activist James Forman made headlines when he seized the pulpit of New York’s Riverside Church and issued a “black manifesto”demanding $500 million in reparations for African enslavement. Thirty years later, Randall Robinson, founder of the black social-justice organization TransAfrica, revived the reparations movement with his bestselling book The Debt: What America Owes to Blacks.

Now progressive Democrats, or at least some of the ones running for their party’s 2020 presidential nomination, are going through another such phase. Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren, California Senator Kamala Harris, and former San Antonio Mayor Julián Castro have all indicated in recent weeks that they support some form of reparations to benefit the descendants of American slaves.

I believe it’s time to start the national, full-blown conversation about reparations,” Warren saidat a CNN event in Mississippi, where she endorsed legislation to create a commission of experts to propose a system of compensation for slavery. Castro, interviewed on MSNBC, likened reparations to payments made when property is seized through eminent domain. Under the Constitution, he said, “we compensate people if we take their property. Shouldn’t we compensate people if they were property sanctioned by the state?”

Slavery was a toxic evil, and its bitter impact didn’t end with emancipation. But any attempt to discharge the moral crimes of the 18th and 19th centuries with monetary payments in the 21st century is doomed to fail. The logistical and definitional obstacles alone would be a nightmare. The majority of white Americans have no ancestral link to antebellum slavery — they are descendants of the millions of immigrants who came to the United States after slavery had been abolished. Of the remainder, few had any slaveholding forbears: Slavery was abolished in most Northeastern states within 15 years of the American Revolution, while in most of the West it never existed at all. Even in the South at the peak of its “slaveocracy,” at least 75 percent of whites never owned slaves.

That’s just where the complications start.

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