Climate Alarmism Serves the Elite Agenda for More Wealth and More Power

The globalist agenda is more money, more power. Or do you believe that paying higher taxes into a global carbon credit market change the temperature of the Earth? Even the Paris Climate Accords admitted that after all of the targets were met, the Earth’s temperature would not be changed by a single degree.

Meanwhile the western working classes would be reduced to poverty through forced austerity.

Of course the oligarchs want us poor and powerless through any narrative they can force on us, in this case, “you are guilty and need to pay for your sins of changing the climate.” 


Climate Predictions

Climate Change That Ignores History

Armstrong Economics Sept 30, 2019

It’s a well-kept secret, but 95 per cent of the climate models we are told prove the link between human CO2 emissions and catastrophic global warming have been found, after nearly two decades of temperature stasis, to be in error. It’s not surprising.

We have been subjected to extravagance from climate catastrophists for close to 50 years.
In January 1970, magazine, based on “solid scientific evidence”, claimed that by 1985 air pollution would reduce the sunlight reaching the Earth by half. In fact, across that period sunlight fell by between 3 per cent and 5 per cent. In a 1971 speech, Paul Ehrlich said: “If I were a gambler I would take even money that ­England will not exist in the year 2000.”

Fast forward to March 2000 and David Viner, senior research scientist at the Climatic Research Unit, University of East Anglia, told
The Independent, “Snowfalls are now a thing of the past.” In December 2010, the Mail Online reported, “Coldest December since records began as temperatures plummet to minus 10C bringing travel chaos across Britain”.

We’ve had our own busted predictions. Perhaps the most preposterous was climate alarmist Tim Flannery’s 2005 observation: “If the computer records are right, these drought conditions will become permanent in eastern Australia.” Subsequent rainfall and severe flooding have shown the records or his analysis are wrong. We’ve swallowed dud prediction after dud prediction. What’s more, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, which we were instructed was the gold standard on global warming, has been exposed repeatedly for ­mis­rep­resentation and shoddy methods.

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