These are all stories like mine.
I was a lifelong Democrat, voted for Obama twice, was going to vote for Bernie, but realized they were corrupt after it became clear that they cheated him.
Then when I looked at their record, I realized the media was lying and corrupt.
After that I was called a conspiracy theorist and a Nazi by former friends and family even though I have the same values as I did when I was a lifelong Democrat.
I didn’t become a radical or fringe person, I just realized I was being lied to and saw the bullying and hatred thrown at anyone who didn’t fall in line. 
No way. #WalkAway

I “walked away” to doing my own research and becoming independent of anyone else’s political agenda except my own. 

My political agenda is based on my personal beliefs and convictions. 

That means I use my free speech and voting rights to advocate and vote for the policies and candidates that align with my beliefs….NOT based on their empty party rhetoric.