Violence in the Streets is the Media’s Goal: The Beating of Andy Ngo

A journalist, and gay person of color, was attacked by fascists this weekend in Portland.

First they threw milkshakes at him.
Except these milkshakes were mixed with quick-dry cement so it would be a caustic chemical attack.

Then they beat him and stole his cameras.

Then he got a brain hemorrhage and is in critical condition.

Why isn’t this in the 24/7 cable news cycle?

Because he is a conservative journalist and was attacked by a left-wing group.

Screaming at people and calling everyone with an opposing view, “a Nazi” is just how it begins. As it becomes physical it escalates, first spitting, and throwing food, then throwing chemicals, eventually bullets.

This is encouraged by the corporate media that overtly supports leftist violence or doesn’t mention it, while trying to connect all conservatives to every shooting or terror act.

Just imagine how loud the outrage machine would be if it were white supremacists that attacked a gay journalist of Asian descent.


Jussie Smollett Andy Ngo

Antifa attack conservative blogger Andy Ngo amid violence at Portland Proud Boys protest

Lizzie Dearden  July 1, 2019

A conservative writer has been attacked by antifascists amid violence at clashing demonstrations in Portland.

Andy Ngo was surrounded and beaten by protesters wearing black with their faces concealed, while being covered in a milkshake, eggs and spray on Saturday.

He was taken to hospital for treatment after posting a video showing bruises and cuts to his face and neck.

“I just got beat up by the crowd,” Mr Ngo said. “I was in the middle of the street and they stole my GoPro and punched me several times in my face and my head. I’m bleeding.”

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