The Establishment Wants… War with Russia?

Trump Russian Election Meddling
Remember when former CIA director Brennan said that Trump committed treason when he had a press conference with Putin?

It’s funny, that the media can repeat it straight-faced.

Mainstream brainwashing has everyday people advocating a policy direction that points us toward war with Russia.

Is it that they want war with Russia, one of only two global, nuclear superpowers?

Of course they’re not calling for outright war. The elites, through their media, FBI and CIA are calling for official statements of condemnation, sanctions, new weapons installations on Russia’s borders, and regime change in Syria and Iran on Russia’s borders. 
And the Military Industrial Contractor Complex sells more bombs for decades to come.
It’s all hypocritical because the Democrats were even closer to Putin (through deals like Uranium One,) even as he was being pressured on Russia’s borders. 
This two-faced policy has been fully supported by the media since Bill Clinton started breaking post-soviet agreements
War is a racket and the media just pushes for more of it
And what about the idea that we should trust the DHS, CIA and FBI?
The DHS that was caught hacking into state’s election systems. It was the FBI that stood down on Russian hacking before the election, and then used a fabricated opposition research dossier that the FBI used to fraudulently get a FISA warrant. It’s the FBI that let Hillary off the hook for state crimes while trying to fabricate evidence against Trump. 
And historically it’s the FBI and CIA that were involved in decades of drugs, guns, and human smuggling and illegal anti-democratic regime change around the world, to further Wall St.’s profit interests.
It is the US that is more guilty of meddling in their elections, and breaking our post-soviet agreements to give them their area of influence… look at where our bases are located around the world. we’ve surrounded them, yet wouldn’t accept that for an instance if they were stationed on our borders.
We become the bad guys when we’re messing around in someone else’s back yard and threatening them… There’s no reason to trust Putin, there is a reason to have normalized relations with Russia that allow each country their sovereignty.
Trump is right to normalize relations with one of the only other countries in the world with the power to destroy the world.