The Anatomy Behind the Leftist Push for Open Borders

Immigration Border Wall

DNA tests reveal 30% of suspected fraudulent migrant families were unrelated

In a pilot program, approximately 30% of rapid DNA tests of immigrant adults who were suspected of arriving at the southern border with children who weren’t theirs revealed the adults were not related to the children, an official involved in the system’s temporary rollout who asked to be anonymous in order to speak freely told the Washington Examiner Friday.

“There’s been some concern about, ‘Are they stepfathers or adopted fathers?'” the official said. “Those were not the case. In these cases, they are misrepresented as family members.”

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Liberals Tell Supreme Court How Illegal Immigration Increases Their Power

Posted: Apr 24, 2019

Put bluntly: Harris County told the Supreme Court it stands to gain power in the U.S. Congress because of the large number of illegal aliens living within its borders.

….Whether or not the court allows Commerce to ask the citizenship question, this case illuminates a fundamental point about illegal immigration.

Those pushing this suit believe their political interests are advanced by making sure all illegal aliens are counted. By the same logic, their political interests would also be advanced by increasing the number of illegal aliens in their jurisdictions.

If all of the illegal aliens in the United States were to suddenly obey the law and go home, California would lose congressional seats.

Harris County would lose one, too.

Does that help explain why some politicians in Washington, D.C., do not want to secure the border or enforce the immigration law?

Unauthorized Immigrant Population Profiles

Learn about the estimated 11.3 million unauthorized immigrants living in the United States. Where do they live? When did they arrive in the United States, and from which origin countries? What are their levels of education, top industries of employment, incomes, parental and marital status, health care coverage, and more? Using a unique MPI methodology to assign legal status in the U.S. Census Bureau’s 2012-16 American Community Survey data, this data tool provides detailed sociodemographic profiles for the United States, 41 states (plus the District of Columbia), and the 135 counties with the largest unauthorized populations. And for topline estimates of unauthorized immigrant populations for 194 counties, click on the spreadsheet at right.

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