Proof Popular Culture is Engineered by the Military Industrial Intelligence Complex

You’ve heard of Operation Mockingbird, that was the program by the CIA to gain control of the mainstream news media…

This book details the CIA’s psychological warfare in the world of art and music.  

They claimed they were fighting communism, but what they already knew that the Soviet Union was a paper tiger, that had been founded and propped-up by Wall Street and the Western Banking system? 

If not to fight Communism, then why invent things like “Abstract Expressionism?”

Could it be they were using MK Ultra-like strategies to  confuse and shatter a civil society that would resist living in a police state? 

Theories aside, this is proof that our popular culture was engineered by the Military Industrial Intelligence Complex.

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The Cultural Cold War: The CIA and the World of Arts and Letters

The Cultural Cold War

Drawing on recently declassified documents and extensive interviews, Saunders has assembled a captivating, authoritative history of the CIA’s secret campaign to turn American art into anti-Soviet cultural propaganda.

Mindful of the western European intelligentsia’s fascination with Marxism, the CIA gave millions of dollars to American arts organizations, largely through a front group called the Congress for Cultural Freedom, which lasted until 1967; at its peak, “it had offices in 35 countries…, published over 20 prestige magazines, held art exhibitions…, organized high-profile international conferences, and rewarded musicians and artists with prizes and public performances.”

“Sometimes wittingly and sometimes not, artists and intellectuals–from Aaron Copland to Leontyne Price, W.H. Auden to Gertrude Stein–were recruited as soldiers in this “psychological warfare” against communism.

Saunders, an independent film producer who lives in London, points out that this now-unthinkable cooperation from major artists and producers was possible because the CIA hadn’t yet acquired the sinister reputation it gained in the ’60s, when its covert, and often bungled, international actions became publicly known.

The only flaw in this thoroughly documented book, which has been shortlisted for the London Guardian’s First Book Award, is that the story is so richly convoluted that occasionally the larger drama gets lost in its overwhelming details.

Indeed, an entire book could have been made of the chapter explicating the CIA’s marketing of abstract expressionism (a surefire way to wow impressionable European aesthetes tired of socialist realism).

Nonetheless, this well-researched work remains a must for art historians interested in how the American avant-garde thrived during the McCarthy era. B&w photos. (Apr.) Copyright 2000 Cahners Business Information.]

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Recently Declassified: The CIA Has Controlled The Media For Years!

Written by Michael Best  Edited by JPat Brown
February 15, 2017

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Memo offers a look into the CIA’s private press pool

Agency cultivated a network of journalists to help “fight misinformation” and “restore faith in the institution”

While most people with an interest in the history of CIA will have heard of “Operation Mockingbird,” which weaponized the press for propaganda purposes through the “Office of Policy Coordination,” there is another side to program that’s much less well-known. A declassified memo from 1965 reveals a network of journalists that regularly received intelligence from Ray S. Cline, one of CIA’s senior analysts and at that time the Deputy Director of the Directorate of Intelligence. Several of these journalists were former intelligence officers and were not only involved in information and propaganda dissemination, but other ongoing CIA operations.

Joseph Alsop, for instance, agreed to report on the 1953 Philippine elections for the Agency as cover for gathering information for the Agency. According to Mr. Cline, he met with Alsop whenever the reporter requested it “to discuss international events of interest to him for the purpose of writing his columns, giving him guidance as to my thinking on these subjects whenever it was possible.” These meetings were also held at the request of the Director of Central Intelligence, who preferred for Alsop “to write reasonable columns [rather] than to have misinformation published.”

A 1965 report to the Director makes it clear that the information flowed in more than one direction. According to the report written by Mr. Cline, Joseph Alsop began to provide him with information about Viet Cong strength without asking for his view on it.

In addition to identifying a number of journalists involved in this CIA network and providing some basic information about their activities, the memo praises the leaks and the use of the press to manipulate the public’s perception of the Agency in the context of “impaired public confidence.”

As part of giving the journalists information that would help further the Agency’s goals and improve public perception of it, Ray Cline gave extensive briefings based on briefings given to the National Security Council by the Director of Central Intelligence. One such briefing was given to Stewart Alsop, the brother of Joseph Alsop and a former officer in the Agency’s World War II predecessor, the Office of Strategic Services. “at the Director’s instruction” and excluded military weapons data. The Director similarly instructed Mr. Cline to maintain similar briefings “without disclosing classified information” to Joseph Alsop.

The memo repeatedly states that all the information provided to the press was either unclassified and not sensitive, or “general analysis.” One such example of general analysis, given to Time Magazine correspondent Jess Cook, remains a secret.

While the information was given the press for publication, even a brief description of that information and analysis is redacted because it would “reveal the identity of a confidential human source, a human intelligence source, a relationship with an intelligence or security service of a foreign government or international organization, or a non-human intelligence source; or impair the effectiveness of an intelligence method currently in use, available for use, or under development.” Unfortunately, this is a classic example of the Agency improperly attempting to use a broad exemption to withhold information – Mr. Cline explained that he provided the information so that Jess Cook and TIME would give “a reasonable treatment of [the subject].” The information was explicitly intended for publication, meaning it was already revealed to the public.

The journalists identified in the memo as having been a part of Ray Cline’s network are:

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Operation Mockingbird is alive and well and living in your TV — Society’s Child —

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Cocaine Import Agency Seal

Rory Hall
The Daily Coin
Mon, 05 Jan 2015

Most Americans are under the influence of TV and radio sources for the daily dose of propaganda. Not understanding they are being lied to and made to believe a lie It becomes a formidable task to get folks to see the light. They want to see, it’s just the lie is so big, so pervasive at this point it is hard for people to grasp the size of the depth and breadth the lie has reached. For me, and you may disagree, propaganda is nothing more than a lie that has been presented as truth and is intended to influence how people live and think. As you read you will see that I use the words “lie” and “propaganda” interchangeably – they are the same thing for the purposes of this article and my life.

While researching another article I came across an article that came straight out of minds of the CIA and Operation Mockingbird. If you are unaware of Operation Mockingbird or question whether the mainstream media – think CNN, Fox, CBS, NBC, ABC and “newspapers” like The Tribune, LA Times, NY Times, Reuters and so many others, are manipulated by the CIA and Operation Mockingbird please explain this,

Former Washington Post publisher Philip Graham “believing that the function of the press was more often than not to mobilize consent for the policies of the government, was one of the architects of what became a widespread practice: the use and manipulation of journalists by the CIA”. This scandal was known by its code name Operation MOCKINGBIRD. Former Washington Post reporter Carl Bernstein cites a former CIA deputy director as saying, “It was widely known that Phil Graham was someone you could get help from”. More recently the Post provided cover for CIA personality Joseph Fernandez by “refusing to print his name for over a year up until the day his indictment was announced …for crimes committed in his official capacity as CIA station chief in Costa Rica”. [Source]

That one paragraph should be enough to terrify most people, unfortunately, most people will not be reading this article, as much as I would like for this information to be in every home across the country.

Brian Williams, member CFR


If that doesn’t do it, how about this jewel

You could get a journalist cheaper than a good call girl, for a couple hundred dollars a month.” – CIA operative discussing with Philip Graham, editor Washington Post, on the availability and prices of journalists willing to peddle CIA propaganda and cover stories. Katherine The Great, by Deborah Davis (New York: Sheridan Square Press, 1991)

Let’s take a closer look at how the mainstream media and Operation Mockingbird set policy, distract people and use word-play to create rainbow spewing unicorns in a world that is falling apart and on the brink of economic collapse.

Starting with social media. This article was shared on FB over 1,700 times and tweeted over 100 times. It was also shared through other social media networks over 330 times. This is a new key element in spreading lies and making lies into truth. If you have several social networks spreading lies as truth it is going to be extremely difficult to break the cycle; due to the fact that all of their “friends” believe the same lie. This lie is now growing and will continue to grow for some time – it will never go away on these networks and there is always an opportunity for it begin spreading again even after it has gone through it’s first cycle.

The examples that follow were all taken from the same article, as it presents a classic example of CIA propaganda.

Here is an example of how the lie begins, start with an emotional charge, sprinkle in what appears to be a reputable source and throw in a survey to tie it all together.

“There’s a gross misconception, and extreme environmentalist groups have been able to get ahold of people’s emotions and twist facts and present false evidence. That’s what it’s all about.”

A recent study by researchers at Oregon State, George Mason and Yale universities revealed that more than half of the 1,000-plus people surveyed across the nation had no idea what fracking was, and almost 60 percent had no opinion on it.

This portion of the article begins with the emotional charge “extreme environmentalist”. Unless you are an environmentalist, this is going to evoke a reaction, consciously or sub consciously. Notice there are three fairly well known colleges/universities along with stats from the survey. Note the survey is only 1,000 people and provides no links or source material for the survey. Why? There are over 310 MILLION people in this country. 1,000 people doesn’t even register as a percentage. A grain of sand on the beach. Ok, two grains.

Drilling stops initially below the water table so the well can be encased in cement to prevent anything from the well leaking into the water table.

Sounds perfectly normal and natural. Drill a hole, fill it with cement. If you drill a hole through something that contains a fluid, doesn’t the fluid typically flow out of the drill hole? But it’s encased in cement, right? Is this why faucets catch fire in the areas where fracking is allowed?

Throughout the drilling process, drilling mud is pumped in to cool the drill bit and act as a means for the resulting debris to leave the well.

Once again, sounds perfectly natural and normal. Unless you happen to be concerned about what “drilling mud” is made of; or where it is being pumped. Very vague, happy talk. Let’s not focus on those pesky details. No source material is provided, no links to explain any of the details.

Now we come to the portion of this article that moved me to the point of writing this article.

The actual fracking process uses a lot of machinery capable of driving the fluid down more than a mile, and a lot of science to calculate the exact mixtures of everything from chemicals and water and sand to the pressure it takes to crack tiny little fissures into rocks, more than a mile beneath the surface.

Sand, water and chemical additives are pumped into the well at high pressures, so as to crack the rock in different stages in the horizontal (parallel to the surface) portion of the well.

Don’t you just love when professionals use “a lot of science to calculate”? Pretty special, must be important and way above my understanding. Well, they are discussing “science”. Once again, no source material, very vague language that is being used as a weapon. Using the word science in this context makes it appear more important than it is. It is merely a calculation that most any middle or high school student could figure out on their cell phone calculator.

Katie Couric, member CFR

This is how it’s done folks. This is what it actually looks like, sounds like and is running rampant throughout the land. This is a very, very small example of how the media is used to perpetuate a lie and set policy against the citizens. It seems a shame that our society has been dumbed-down to the point where the above few passages are acceptable as investigative reporting.

One last question. If you pump a high pressure chemical slurry into the ground and it is designed to crack rocks, wouldn’t it crack a cement encasement as well that is located in the same bed rock? For the last time, vague information, no source materials, links or any references provided. Operation Mockingbird is alive and well, just tune into Anderson Cooper tonight to see just how well it is working.