Leftist Violence Since 2016 Revisited

Migrant Caravan Burning Flag

A Brief History of Leftist Political Violence in 1 Year

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The Two Bents Of The Media Are An Illusion Of Choice: “All Of The Mainstream Media Is Liberal, Marxist, Biased, And Profit-driven”

by Jeremiah Johnson

Bret Baier conducted an interview with Senator Mitch McConnell on Fox News recently.  Of itself, this is no big news.  What was noteworthy, on the other hand, were two points that are indicators of the “sea change” that has been made with the new administration under President Trump.  Firstly, McConnell was far from his usual wishy-washy, middle-of-the-road self, and secondly, Bret Baier took a stance that was so antagonistic toward the Republican Senator as to make Baier appear to be a Democrat.

Now that Donald Trump is President, the Mainstream Media (MSM) have been pulling out all the stops, and the allegedly conservative Fox News was no different.  Baier was badgering McConnell over the President’s selection for a new Supreme Court Justice and pressured him to say whether the Republicans would push it through.  McConnell told him no less than three times [para.] “the judge will be confirmed,” and each time Baier badgered him akin to a prosecuting attorney.

Baier asked about Obamacare, and McConnell said that it would be “repealed and replaced.”  Baier grilled him about whether the President would allow Obama’s executive orders to stand, and McConnell flatly informed him that the President would utilize executive orders of his own to remove those of Obama.  The interview was conducted Tuesday, January 31st on Fox News, and you must see it to believe it…on both sides.

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