Trust Joker Brand! – 10 companies control the food industry – Oxfam Graphic

1989's Joker says, "With Joker Brand I get a smile again and again."Joker for Joker Brand

Oxfam International sounds cheery about global corporate monopolies turning the world into sick and lethargic, clowns.

How many of these products contain cheap chemicals banned in other countries but still used in the US and developing markets to increase corporate profits?

Behind the Brands Illustration | Oxfam International | These 10 companies own hundreds of consumer brands.


By Anna Kramer
December 10, 2014

It sounds like a conspiracy theory, but it’s true: There really are 10 companies that control most of the food and drinks you’ll find in the grocery store. Between them, these giants—whose revenues add up to more than a billion dollars a day—own hundreds of common brands, from Cheerios to Ben & Jerry’s, Odwalla to Tropicana. (See the infographic above to learn more.)

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