Radical Leftist Groups Battle Each Other in the Heartland

There are actually people in the US who call themselves Marxist/Leninist/Maoist Communists, and even name their groups “The Red Guard”.

A chapter in Kansas City supposedly just attacked another gathering of leftists calling themselves the Democratic Socialists of America, for being “fascists.” They don’t call 2019 “clown world” for nothing.

democratic socialists in america

KANSAS CITY: Anti-Revisionist Confrontation of DSA Event Ends in Bloodshed

Daniel Reed

On October 12, a contingent of anti-revisionist combatants confronted a public meeting of the Kansas City chapter of the Democratic Socialists of America (DSA). Online propaganda from the DSA and their supporters has tried to portray the event as a brutal attack on the elderly, but in reality, a DSA member who attacked a woman combatant was repelled, taking multiple blows that left him bloodied and sent to the hospital.

Only two local DSA chapter leaders and two other members who were helping to set up for the event were present when the militant activists blocked the door to the venue and made their way inside.

Upon entry, a speech was read by one of the revolutionaries detailing the rotten nature of DSA’s practices locally and nationally, as well as how the struggle against fascism must include confronting social-fascism, as revisionism is the enemy of genuine socialism.

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Eric Striker  Oct 18, 2019

The massive rise in leftist activism post-Trump has not benefited old-school communist groups much.

While the Democratic Socialists of America hosts major Trotskyist and anarchist factions, they have successfully served as gatekeepers keeping Marxist-Leninists and Maoists excluded and contained. Both Trots and “antifa” anarchists see “tankies” – defenders of the USSR and China – as no different than Fascists and Nazis.

Another interesting distinction between Maoists specifically and the rising DSA and anarchist scenes is that the former tend to have many racial minorities and urban poor in them, while the latter are uniformly white or Jewish and members of the cosmopolitan Professional Middle Class (PMC). “Democratic Socialists” may try and claim Huey Newton and Fred Hampton for themselves, but ultimately, the Black Panthers were dogmatic Maoists and would be shunned at a modern DSA event.

Protracted People’s War Against Revision

In Kansas City, a Maoist organization called Red Guard raided a DSA/Anarchist event titled “Antifascist Day of Unity” on October 12th. According to Open Source Intelligence obtained by National Justice regarding the clash, the Maoists condemned the DSA as a trendy liberal organization and began to chant slogans. Afterwards, they started to take propaganda the DSA and anarchist groups had laid out for the event.

At this point, a DSA host confronted the masked Red Guards and was beaten down as his “comrades” stood back and watched. He is currently in the hospital for a serious head injury.

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Local Maoists Prep For Armed Conflict, Now “Red Guards” KC

No sooner does the Sentinel run a piece on the Maoists known as the “Kansas City Revolutionary Collective” than the Collective goes and changes its name to “Red Guards Kansas City.” We are talking the same day, March 9, 2018.

The Sentinel concluded its earlier piece with the warning, “These folks are armed now and dangerous. It is time to pay attention.” The local and national media refuse to. They refuse at their own peril. Liberal heads roll first come the revolution.

As the news site of record in the Kansas-Missouri region, the Sentinel feels the obligation to cite the announcement of the name change in full. The language is as fascinating as it is alarming. If a right wing group published anything half this menacing, Anderson Cooper would be knocking on their door. So would the FBI.

“We are excited to announce that we are updating our name from Kansas City Revolutionary Collective to Red Guards Kansas City. This change represents a higher level of unity that has been achieved after almost two years of patient struggle with other Red Guards collectives, specifically Red Guards Austin.

There will soon be a document released going into detail about our past errors and how we aim to rectify them. But the short of it is that over time our political line has come into synthesis with the political line of the Red Guards, and we have rejected vestiges of past rightism that were present in our work.

There are still questions to be struggled over, but we see this as a tangible step towards developing the unity that can one day be the basis for building the Maoist Communist Party. Questions that we used to be centrist on, such as the universality of protracted people’s war, party militarization, and concentric construction of the three instruments for revolution, are now lines that we are confident in and will uphold and defend.

Over time the various Revolutionary Collectives have come to represent the rightist and revisionist pole in US Marxism-Leninism-Maoism, and we want nothing to do with it. We are firmly aligned with Red Guards Austin, Red Guards Los Angeles, and Red Guards Pittsburgh and are honored to take on the name that represents the leading trend for Maoism and for revolutionary politics in this country.

Long Live the Red Guards!”

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