#MeToo Cynically Used as Political Tactic by Democrats and To Divide-and-Conquer by Cultural Marxists

Men Reported Sexual Assault by Priests 30 Years Later

I find this meme to be very divisive and disingenuous.

I believe that there have been thousands of children sexually abused, both male and female… but their gender shouldn’t matter. They’re innocent children. Innocent children being systematically preyed upon by adults in positions of power is a pretty bad thing, should it be used in this way?

I also believe that for decades (centuries?) the victims of priest abuse were not believed, or, if they were believed it didn’t matter because they were silenced and shamed.

Victims of abuse need to be supported in any case, but evidence and due process and protections for the accused should remain in place, as is our tradition of ‘innocent until proven guilty.’

Christine B Ford has our support, but given the culture of her high school, her own admissions about her lifestyle during that time and the lack of solid evidence, willing witnesses, or even memory of time and place, makes it seem like the Democrats brought forward fairly unprovable accusations about an extremely unfortunate event at the most politically opportune time to stall the Kavanaugh vote until after the midterms and next SCOTUS session.

Why You Always Believe the Victim

No, I Don’t Believe Christine Blasey Ford, Here’s Why

by Ann McCormack   September 19, 201829

Only yesterday, we found out that the ‘victim’s’ lawyer Debra Katz — a major Democrat donor — is Vice Chair of a partially Soros-funded organization that opposes Judge Brett Kavanaugh.

Ms. Katz is vice chair of the board of the Project on Government Oversight [POGO]. POGO is one of the many leftist groups demanding Kavanaugh’s records.

Christine Blasey Ford, the ‘victim’, has a brother — Ralph Blasey — and he has close financial ties to Fusion GPS. [Update: This has been disputed. Fusion denies any direct connection]

Katz at first said ‘victim’ Christine Blasey was willing to testify to the Senate Judiciary Committee. Then she said it had to be an open session. Then it was closed session. Now she will only testify after an FBI probe.

They keep moving the goalposts over a claim that can never be disproven.

The FBI said they already did their investigation of Kavanaugh and will not do another. A 36-year-old case of two alcohol-imbibing teens without evidence cannot be probed, and, if it could be, which it can’t, it would be the police, not the FBI who would do it.

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There Is Zero Reason to Believe That Christine Ford Is Telling the Truth About Brett Kavanaugh

September 20, 2018 by streiff

Ford, I think, has this problem. She says it was so traumatic that it took her years to get beyond it but she can’t tell us where she was, when it happened, or how she got home. She’s saying it changed her life and at the same time, she’s telling us that she can’t recall anything about it.

She’s framing this as an unfair demand

“I’ve been trying to forget this all my life, and now I’m supposed to remember every little detail,” one of those friends, Jim Gensheimer, recalled Blasey Ford saying that summer day while watching her kids participate in a Junior Lifeguard program. “They’re going to be all over me.”

This, of course, is a misrepresentation. No one is demanding “every little detail.” But we do have a right to expect any allegation that seems to have as its objective the sandbagging of a Supreme Court nominee have some verifiable details, like whose house it was.

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