Media Still Covering for the Coup that Killed our Last Honest President

I still believe that Kennedy was our last honest and legitimate president, who was taken out by a coup of a few rich and powerful people, the intelligence agencies and the mob.
You’ll remember that we became more involved in Vietnam after his death. The next year was the Gulf of Tonkin false flag that made it an official US war for the next twelve years.
Because war is their business, I think the corporate media has always covered for the coup and continues to this day, like when, on this day, the 2019 anniversary of his assassination, there was very little commemoration in the media.
It seems to me that they would like to not bring it up because they can hardly avoid mentioning people’s suspicions about the FBI and CIA and what they are still hiding. Especially in the time of Trump when distrust of media and government is at an all time high. 



JFK: What the CIA Hides

by JEFFERSON MORLEY, November 22, 2019

……….”Fifty six years after the fact, historians and JFK researchers do not have access to all of the CIA’s files on the subject The 1964 Warren Commission report exonerated the agency with its conclusion that Kennedy was killed by one man alone. But the agency was subsequently the subject of five official JFK investigations, which cast doubt on its findings.
The Senate’s Church Committee investigation showed that the Warren Commission knew nothing of CIA assassination operations in 1963. JFK records released in the last 20 years show the Commission’s attorneys had no real understanding the extensive counterintelligence monitoring of Lee Harvey Oswald before JFK was killed. We now know that senior operations officers, including counterintelligence chief James Angleton, paid far closer attention to the obscure Oswald as he made his way to Dallas than the investigators were ever told.
…thousands of JFK files remain secret. According to the latest figures from the National Archives, a total of 15,834 JFK files remain fully or partially classified, most of them held by the CIA and FBI. Thanks to an October 2017 order from President Trump, these documents will not be made public until October 2021, at the earliest.”