End Government. End Taxation. Give the Power to the People.

Government is just made up of people, they will always try to benefit their tribe, or themselves. They are not inherently correct or benevolent.

Even if you believe in Trump, you can’t say that it’s good to have so much power in the hands of any person, because, what about the next guy?

Every administration going all the way back has been more or less corrupt. Even George Washington put down the whiskey rebellion like an authoritarian.

We can’t put these people or any people in charge of our lives anymore.
We can’t keep giving these people more and more money.
It has never worked throughout all of history.

Penn Volunterism Libertariansim

I worked in government, lived in the middle of it for ten years, almost everyone I knew worked for it somehow. All government workers care about is their salary, their benefits, their vacation time and their retirement.

They are not experts in their field, because if they were they would be working in that field.

When government contractors or politicians are involved in any industry it’s usually as a lobbyist, through the revolving door hiring that just trades cronies back and forth every administration.

We need to stop with the taxation and the imperial federal president and stop with the socialist super state…

Let the people decide what to do and how to do it through individuals, families, neighborhoods, communities, cities, counties and states…

Everything our federal government should be is in the constitution. (other than the 16th amendment)

Our Federal government is much too large. It’s a global dictatorship, including over our lives.

It’s also too large to effectively dictate policy across our entire nation, or run things like healthcare effectively for 250 million people.

The Federal government needs to return to it’s original constitutional limits, most importantly we need to
– repeal the 16th amendment and
– repeal the Federal Reserve Act

The Federal government got along just fine for 150 years w/out the income tax, because all that money is just debt payment on the dollar when you take into account the FED’s intentional 2% inflation target year over year.

They’re sucking us dry through debt that doesn’t do anything for us, just allows them to spread more real wealth to their cronies through zero point interest rates and QE and Toxic stock buybacks.

Bernie’s or Yang’s version of this endless merry-go-round of debt will end in nothing but disaster, just like the Donald’s.

Modern Monetary Theory is just another way to describe the practices of the Weimar Republic.

Democratic Socialism is just another word for the People’s Republic of China and their social credit system of total control. That’s what we would get here the moment they start taking away our rights.

It’s time that we the people stop backing this corrupt institution and finally limit the power of governments instead of continually giving them more and more until we’re nothing but tax cows.