Capitalism is the Only Free System. Governments are the Only Real Problem

Capitalism is nothing but trading goods and services.
Crony Capitalism is when the government has been co-opted by powerful interests to create a rigged capitalist system.
Governments are now the tools of these powerful interests whose goals are to farm our wealth and control us, like a revenue stream.
Government has no right to take people’s stuff or own their labor and socialism is a step in the wrong direction, towards more control by the powerful interests that control government. 

Socialism is like the DMV controlling your existence

Name the State

Jeffrey A. Tucker

The tendency toward loss of political control has inspired new, more extreme, and more obscurantist forms of selling state control to us. As the dynamics of public vs. private continue to shift, we can look forward to ever more obfuscation about the reality of displacing market forces. But once you see what’s going on, you can’t unsee it. The most effective path toward helping others to see is simple: name the state.

The bitter truth about most public policies being sold by the political class is that they give them more power to control our lives.

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Capitalism (aka Self-Ownership) Is the Only Moral Economic System


In capitalism (which is actually inconsistent with the government- created or enabled crony capitalism we see all around us), even those who would be tyrants, if given the opportunity, must focus their efforts on providing willing service to others to induce their voluntary cooperation. In contrast, the drive for power that animates these politicians who condemn a capitalism they plainly don’t comprehend would increasingly turn others into their unwilling servants.

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