Vegas was carried out by the military-industrial-intelligence complex

North Woods

Let’s face it though guys. Some 65 year old, retired, business guy does not come up with this sort of “Rambo” scenario and carry it out by himself… like a Navy Seal super-human.

I am very skeptical that he could be motivated and able to carry out the preparation and attack w/out anyone having any clue beforehand.

Real people don’t do this sort of thing. Just like most mass murders, this will somehow involve the CIA and/or FBI, as well as private defense corporations.

Given the documented warnings beforehand… the woman at the concert that was expelled 45 minutes before the shooting for saying everyone was about to die. …The poster on 4chan that said a high profile event was about to go down in Las Vegas…

This could have only been carried out by guys w/ connections to the military-industrial-intelligence complex. People that have been “programmed” to be killers and carry secret clearances higher than the president’s.

This was conducted to create a massive spectacle with maximum casualties to usher in further erosions of our civil society and civil liberties. Just wait, soon there will be more gun control and monitoring of law-abiding, private citizens and there will be metal detectors and body scanners at hotels and concert venues. = big profits for the companies that sell these solutions.

Our own government (intelligence agencies) carried out these sorts of false attacks for decades now overseas. ….Look at Operation Gladio B, that orchestrated shootings and bombings in Europe during the Cold War to keep tensions high between the East and West.

They also did this in Iran, and South America and planned it for Cuba…

Look up Operation Northwoods. This had already been approved by the senior military advisors and was only stopped by Kennedy, (who was later assassinated… coincidence?)
Look up Operation Fast and Furious or the State Department running guns through Libya to arm “moderates” in Syria.
Do we really think our government runs these operations in every country but our own? As if it wasn’t only a matter of time before they started creating false flags in our country.
This is clearly a false flag operation to create maximum casualties and maximum spectacle to allow for a specific response from government and the military/security/intelligence complex.
The mainstream, corporate media will never ask questions about these things and will never find answers about them. Just like the situation that created the Vietnam war (Gulf of Tonkin Incident) or just like the situation that created the Iraq War (Sadam’s WMDs,) we will only find out piece by piece over the course of decades and one generation later it will be generally admitted that it was an inside job. We always have to wait 20 or 30 years before we can admit our own government played an instigating part in events like these and the Las Vegas shooting.